The British Empire

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Welcome to the British Empire community, the place to discuss the history of the first global power. By 1921, Britain controlled roughly one quarter of the Earth's population and land mass. Between the 16th and 20th centuries its impact was almost overwhelmingly immense and complex, and allowed for some of the darkest - and finest - hours humanity has experienced.

Members are encouraged to post topics of interest, news items, book and film reviews, and images (photos and illustrations) relating to the nations, figures, economics, culture, and events that comprised the Empire.

Some guidelines for posting are provided below . . .

  1. This is not an explicitly political forum. While the members hold a diversity of viewpoints on global affairs that no doubt influence their contributions, our aim is to examine a bygone institution.

  2. While thoughtful consideration of the nature and legacy of empire is welcome, any hatred or intolerance will not be permitted. Issues such as colonialism and slavery are to be treated with appropriate sensitivity.

  3. If posting large images or articles please use cut-tags. It's courteous to those reading posts via their Friends page. If promoting a community please explain its relation to our subject, and use text or small graphics to link, not large banners.

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Some useful online resources are:

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